Without a doubt, thee most requested gift guide was for teachers. The former teacher in me is quite honored, and I'm happy to share my thoughts along with what some of my teacher friends who are still in the biz had to say.

First things first, if you're reading this and considering getting your child's teacher something, I can promise you that nearly anything you gift them will be so appreciated. But, if you're going to go out of your way to get them something, let's get them something they will really like and enjoy. My personal opinion and the answer nearly every single person gave me is:

Gift cards

One of my favorite and most memorable gifts actually came randomly from a student's parent, and she wrote me a heartfelt note and included a $15 Starbucks gift card. The gift card was, of course, used and appreciated, but it was the note that made a lasting impact. I still have it.

Let's also get something out of the way– gift cards are NOT impersonal. So many people think that, and I don't get it. I LOVE getting a gift card! What is impersonal about getting a gift card to a place that you love? I recently had a girlfriend give me a gift card to Book of the Month Club, and, you guys, Jake thought I won the lottery! It was seriously so unexpected and so thoughtful. I was thrilled!

Here are a few ideas:

-Starbucks or local coffee shop



-Local restaurant or store

-Ulta or Sephora


-Barnes and Noble

-Uber/ Uber Eats

-Mani/pedi or massage

-Liquor store ... Kidding– kinda ;)

If you know your child's teacher is an avid fan of something, give them a gift card to support that passion.

Also, I don't know one teacher who hasn't spent their own money supplying their classroom, so cash and/or gift cards to office supply stores are appreciated, too!

More than anything, I highly recommend a heartfelt card. It doesn't even have to have anything inside. I would take kind words over a random mug any day.

Here's what my teacher friends had to say:


  • "Honestly, self-care gift cards. Like Starbucks, Target, or to places I can put back into the classroom like Barnes and Nobel, Target, or Staples."
  • "One friend said, "Not mugs or ornaments!" and another said, "I love it when kids make me an ornament! I always keep those." So, you'll have to read the room on that one! If you aren't sure, I wouldn't gift either.
  • "It is really nice when they do a movie, bowling, dinner, or some sort of gift card because it forces you to get out and do something for yourself."


  • We had a family who always sent Cheryl's cookies in bulk to the office for the entire staff. That was always really nice and an easy way to knock out multiple teachers as your kids get older. You could also arrange to have a local business donate breakfast, lunch, or treats for the whole staff.
  • "I think gift cards are always nice. I got a gift card to a local coffee shop that was nice. I liked that I could leave on my lunch break and use it. So, I suggest gift cards to places near the school."
  • "We definitely do NOT want knick-knack shit" -- I am laughing because high school teachers keep it real!
  • "Restaurant gift cards"
  • "The best gifts are the ones that a student really knows you. I got a coffee mug full of chocolate-covered coffee beans that I loved."
  • "A storybook full of different teas." (or something else they are interested in.)
  • "The most memorable was a framed picture of the stadium at sunset in black and white that the student took for photography class."
  • I, personally, can agree with all of these– especially the last three. I coached cheerleading and advised our high school yearbook and had a lot of extremely talented artists. I LOVED gifts that they made. I also received a photo a student took and developed in our darkroom. Anything that shows they are actually listening to you! Here are some other things I received throughout the years: Banana Republic gift card–which is where I bought the majority of my teaching clothes. A LOT of baked goods and consumables– again, this is something you will need to know your teacher on. I have some teacher friends who will not eat anything a student makes for fear it was tampered with.
  • I had a student give me a plant. I loved it, but killed it, so another student gifted me a fake succulent. Hilarious, and it is still alive! ;) All jokes aside, there are some really cool indoor plants, and I loved having them in my classroom! I actually still have a pathos that survived my dungeon of a classroom, a move to Texas and to KC!
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