Questions & Safety Guidelines–

COVID-19 and general safety guidelines:

The health and safety of my clients and my family is always of the utmost importance to me! Especially for mamas of newborns– I know how nerve-wracking it can be to take a brand new baby somewhere new!

Because of this, my studio has a few strict policies in place to keep us all happy and healthy:

- My husband and I are both fully vaccinated.

- No sick policy; if someone in your family is feeling unwell, please let me know and we will reschedule.

- A minimum of 24 hours between studio clients. This allows me to thoroughly clean my studio by disinfecting all surfaces and washing and sanitizing all linens including items used from my client closet.

- Proper hygiene; I always thoroughly wash my hands before and after clients and use hand sanitizer throughout our time together.

- No shoes in the studio; everyone will be asked to remove their shoes at the door when they arrive.

I don't want my images online. What's your privacy policy?

There is such a spectrum in what or how much people are comfortable sharing with the world, and a core value of my business is honoring and protecting those individual wishes of my clients and their families.

As soon as a client hires me, they are prompted to fill out a questionnaire that allows them to express their wishes or ask questions about the use of their images on my blog and social media platforms. While some families are completely comfortable with me sharing any of their images, there are also families that wish to not be shown at all or are only comfortable showing detail shots or foregoing the use of tags or names to maintain some sense of privacy. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, I stand 10000% in agreeance with you!

Are you an inclusive ally?

Absolutely– hate has no home here. Every family is unique and it brings me immense joy to capture all walks of life and love. I believe in equality for all and will always be a safe space for marginalized populations.

Diversity is celebrated here and all are welcome.

Are my digital files included?

Digital files are not included in your creative fee.

All artwork and digital files are purchased after seeing your final photos at your ordering appointment. Digital files can be purchased through one of my 5 collections or à la carte.

My clients choose me because they want to create gorgeous images together AND actually do something with those images– these special moments deserve more recognition than an Instagram or Facebook post!

All of the fine art heirlooms I offer are some of the best and most beautiful professional photography products available and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Did you know LESS THAN 1% of people with digital images print them!? I take great pride in educating my clients on the importance of tangible prints vs. digital files that tend to sit on a virtual shelf after sharing on social media.

I know you haven’t printed your wedding photos, and I promise you that won’t happen this time around!

What fine art products do you offer?

- Stunning custom albums (my most popular)
- Fine art prints
- Custom watercolor portrait of your favorite photo(s) from our session
- Framed prints and custom gallery walls
- Birth announcements and holiday cards
- Grandparent gifts
- Discounts on duplicate orders

In addition, if you purchase digital files, you will be able to order prints, canvases, and other products through my online store connected to our gallery.

When should I book my maternity or newborn session?

The sooner you book the better! I only take a limited number of sessions each month so I can serve my clients well and accommodate any unforeseen needs to reschedule.

- Maternity sessions are best done between 28-32 weeks when you're still feeling good and not quite ready to pop! Therefore, I suggest contacting me soon after your first trimester.

- Newborns are best shot within their first 10 days of life while they're still sleepy and haven't hit their first growth spurt yet. However, this is NOT a hard rule. I have done quite a few "older" newborns, and they are still just as precious.

Do you offer weekend sessions?

Weekend sessions are available for my Membership clients only.

Do you offer in-home sessions?

YES! These lifestyle sessions are so special to me, and I think it is important for children to have photos of the home they were raised in.

For lifestyle sessions, we will work together to make sure I can emulate what you’ve grown to love through my work, so the aesthetic of your home should be similar to that of my studio– naturally lit and neutral in color.

Who is included in a session?

All immediate family members (people living under the same roof) are included in your session fee– including pets! Extended family members (like grandparents) are more than welcome at an additional cost.

Is wardrobe included?

Yes! My ever-growing studio wardrobe includes dresses for mama and clothing for both babies and kids. I like to keep newborns swaddled or in a diaper, so outfits for babies start at 6 months and run through youth size 6.

I also have shirt and sweater options for dads. But because of the wide range of pant sizes, I do not carry men's pants.

The majority of clothing you see on my website and social media are borrowed from our studio wardrobe. However, you’re free to wear your own attire OR purchase something off of my monthly style board.

During our planning session, I'll help guide you through whatever avenue you choose!

Is hair and makeup included?

Hair and make up services are not included in your creative fee, but I am more than happy to arrange these services for you through one of my trusted artists.

You can choose to have just your makeup done or makeup and loose curls. The fee starts at $100 and is paid directly to the hair and makeup artist.

Opting for hair and makeup truly makes such a difference in your portraits and is the icing on your session cake. All of my licensed hair and makeup artists are amazing, and I guarantee you will walk out of here feeling like a million dollars and that confidence always shows up in your portraits!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes– payment plans are available for your ordering fees only. It is important to note that you won’t receive any of your digital files or heirlooms until your entire order is paid in full.

Do you offer gift certificates?

YES! Few things make me happier than sending a gift certificate to an expectant, new, or veteran mama or grandmama! Our newborn session was gifted to us at our baby shower and it is STILL hands-down our most cherished gift. Photography is the gift that keeps on giving, and I would love to help you give this very special gift for any of my sessions!


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