Lakeside newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture your baby's first days in a serene and peaceful setting. Look for a lake with calm waters and a scenic backdrop. You can pose your baby on a blanket or in a basket near the water's edge, or even take some shots of them floating in a small boat or raft. The natural light and reflections on the water will create a stunning and unique backdrop for your photos. Just be sure to keep safety in mind and have a spotter nearby at all times.


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Located in the Brookside neighborhood, Meredith offers luxury studio and lifestyle sessions to take the hassle out of newborn photos. All newborn sessions are completely baby-led and laid back, utilizing timeless wardrobe and posing techniques to create stunning results.

With such detail and planning going into each session, Meredith only takes a maximum of 8 sessions per month - so be sure to book early as most clients book their photoshoots months in advance.

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