Embark on a journey to capture the enchantment of a newborn's arrival through a lifestyle session in Columbus, Ohio. As a seasoned newborn photographer, I recognize the profound significance of preserving these moments within the heart of a home—a space where a mother's love and dedication shine brightly.

This intimate lifestyle newborn session unfolds in the heart of Victorian Village, one of Columbus, Ohio's most charming neighborhoods. Here, the carefully curated nursery and meaningful spaces serve as the canvas, creating timeless photographs imbued with sentimental value. It's an opportunity to document a family's journey, showcasing a mother's hard work in crafting a warm and nurturing home, perfectly prepared for the arrival of their newborn.

Unlike traditional studio sessions, lifestyle photography captures the family in their most authentic state, preserving candid moments that morph into treasured keepsakes over time.

In Columbus, Ohio, a lifestyle newborn session becomes a celebration of family, love, and the unique narrative housed within the walls of a home. These photographs encapsulate not only the early days of your baby but also the essence of the home a mother diligently worked to create. The resulting memories blend the inherent beauty of Columbus with the warmth radiating from your family, promising a lifetime of cherished moments.


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Meredith offers an unmatched experience that takes the hassle out of your family photos. All sessions are completely child-led and laid back, utilizing timeless wardrobe and prompts to create stunning results.

Meredith's dedication to each session means she only schedules a maximum of 8 sessions per month, so early booking is essential. Many clients secure their photoshoots months in advance, so don't delay!

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